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How Long till the Internet Kills the Newspaper?

Newspapers therefore become more necessary in proportion as men become more equal and individualism more to be feared. To suppose that they only serve to protect freedom would be to diminish their importance: they maintain civilization. I shall not deny that in democratic countries newspapers frequently lead the citizens to launch together into very ill-digested […]

My First Week At Mobility Labs

Last week, I started working at Mobility Labs.  My first week was a blur of amazing doughnuts, hugs, discussions about Chaos vs. Order Muppets, and getting up to speed on current projects.  Mobility Labs is building all sorts of things that make an impact, including lesson planning tools, apps for young children across the globe, tools […]


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Episode 02 – Tools and Techniques for Remote Teams

Sumeet, Sean, and Rick discuss what it’s like working on a remote team, the tools & techniques that have made managing it easier, and how we aim to improve our remote workflow. Show Notes: Google Hangouts Slack Task Switching Cost Stoplight cards Synchronous vs Asynchronous Hipchat IRC Basecamp Campfire Google Docs Cognitive Load Github Pivotal […]

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