We are problem solvers, tool builders, and social do good-ers.

Our community is a team of experts, from diverse backgrounds who are committed to building creative, user-focused solutions. We are driven by a single mission: we use our talents as designers, developers and product managers to make an immediate positive impact in our global community.

Some of our recent work


The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

A digital toolkit and community of practice dedicated to improving professional development for teachers.

User Research, User Experience Design, User Testing, Information, Architecture, Visual Design

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Evoke 2.0

The World Bank

An interactive application that teaches students how to become social innovators, across the globe.

User Research, User Testing, Information, Architecture, Wireframes, Localization (Spanish)

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Literacy Design Collaborative

Web application that reinvented an inefficient offline process to a digital, collaborative experience among teachers.

User Research, User Experience Design, User Testing, Information Architecture

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Our process is different: We'll teach you how to fish

We don’t believe in catching requirements over a fence. From day one, we work with you to define your critical path, so both teams know where we are going.

Research & Scope

We will first work with you to define your Critical Path, the overall objective of the tool. Then, we will research competition and what will make you stand out in the market.

UI & Scope

Our sketching process is unique because - we do it together! This exercise allows us to better understand key requirements for the project. It also enables you to teach Design Thinking practices throughout your organization.

Low-Fidelity Prototypes

Once we all go through the Design Thinking exercise, our designers create a low-fidelity prototype. This prototype is seen as the MVP of your tool.

Review and Test Prototype

Once the low-fidelity MVP is created, it is time to test. We work with you to recruit demographic-relevant user testers. We refine and iterate while in low fidelity to save time and money.

Sprint Deploys

After we feel good about the direction of the designs, we build in high fidelity. Our development team works in sprint cycles, with checkpoints along the way to ensure that we maximize value.