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Having a Vision for Technology in Education

What is your vision for utilizing technology within your school or classroom? So many times we hear about the newest and greatest thing out there, and as a principal or teacher, we want it in our classrooms without doing the proper research to see if it can be utilized correctly within the confines of those […]


Young Minds Learn Well Through Storytelling

“Fantasy play is a critical skill builder: It helps children better understand the world around them.” — Laura Rubin, Ph.D., Pediatric Neuropsychologist, Portsmouth Neuropsychology Center, New Hampshire Once upon a time, there was a kid who hated writing. She’d leave school tests blank because she’d be exhausted after simply writing down her name. Her parents […]


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Episode 02 – Tools and Techniques for Remote Teams

Sumeet, Sean, and Rick discuss what it’s like working on a remote team, the tools & techniques that have made managing it easier, and how we aim to improve our remote workflow. Show Notes: Google Hangouts Slack Task Switching Cost Stoplight cards Synchronous vs Asynchronous Hipchat IRC Basecamp Campfire Google Docs Cognitive Load Github Pivotal […]

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